Sol Tapas Restaurant Menu

1 A Specially Selected Mix Of Spanish Olives DF GF V £3.00

Produce sourced directly from the Seville region of Spain


2 A Freshly Homemade Bread £2.95

With Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Balsamic V

Tasty white bread with an imported aged sherry balsamic dip


3 Traditional Hummus With Homemade Flat Bread GF V £3.50

The perfect way to eat hummus with homemade flat bread


4 Chicken Liver Pate With Caramelised Onions GF £3.95

Homemade, rich pate with caramelised onion jam & hot toast


5 Breaded Spanish Brie V £3.95

Served with caramelised onion jam & salad


6 Freshly Made Flat Breads:

Chorizo, Cheese & Tomato £4.95

Tomato, Cheese & Garlic V £3.95

Flat Bread With Minced Lamb DF £5.50

Freshly homemade delights


7 Creamy Garlic Mushrooms V £3.95

Sautéed mushrooms finished with garlic & cream served on toasted bread


8 Croquettes Of The Day V Each £1

Crispy coated with creamy smooth seasonal filling


9 Fried Potatoes In Bravas Sauce DF GF V £2.95

Fried potato with tomato salsa


10 Fried Potatoes With Aioli GF V £3.50

Fried potato with aioli


11 Stuffed Pardon Jalepeno V £4.25

Green jalepeno peppers, cream cheese with salsa or aioli


12 Spanish Tortilla GF V £3.50

An omelette of onions & potatoes


13 Tortilla Con Chorizo GF £4.25

A variation on the traditional omelette with Iberico chorizo


14 Spanish Black Pudding £4.00

Meaty, aromatic treat, deep fried in a herb crumb served with mashed potato & crème fraiche


15 Sol Speciality Chorizo In Apple Cider £4.95

Spanish chorizo in a creamy cider sauce with a slice of toasted bread for added crunch (This recipe has been added to one of Madrid’s oldest restaurant menus – praise indeed)





16 Mussels In White Wine GF £4.95

Steamed mussels in a light, white wine, cream & parsley sauce


17 Mussels With Chorizo GF £5.95

Fresh mussels with white wine, spicy tomato sauce


18 Gambas Al Ajillo DF GF £7.95

This 100 yr. old recipe for fresh prawns in a garlic & chilli sauce, served sizzling hot, was given to us by the iconic restaurant, La Casa Del Aboulo in the centre of Madrid


19 Calamari DF £4.95

A large portion of deep fried squid served with traditional aioli


20 King Prawns & Chorizo DF GF £7.50

Sautee King Prawns with Chorizo & Sherry butter)


21 Cajun Salmon GF £7.95

Roasted Cajun salmon with sautee potatoes & crème fraiche


22 Gambas Con Rose £7.95

King prawns cooked in rose cream sauce


23 Chiles Gambas GF £7.95

Prawns cooked in chili, coriander, creamy sauce


24 Cod Tagine DF GF £6.95

Slow cooked cod fillet in Spanish vegetable stew (courgette, aubergine, red onion, tomato, garlic & coriander





25 Iberico DF GF £15.95

Traditionally cured, acorn fed ham cured for three years minimum, served with a bread basket & Manchego cheese


26 Grand Reserva DF GF £11.95

Traditionally cured, acorn fed ham cured for one year minimum, served with a bread basket & Manchego cheese





27 Traditional Spanish Meatballs DF GF £4.95

Lamb mince meatballs served in a spicy tomato sauce - delicious!


28 Spanish Sausage & Chickpea Stew DF GF £4.95

Turkish sausage cooked with tomato, peppers, onions & chicpeas


29 Slow Braised Beef In Rioja Infused Rich Gravy DF £6.95

Melt in the mouth local beef served with a deep, rich, red wine gravy


30 Slow Braised Beef In Pepper Sauce £6.95

Again, tasty, locally sourced beef, superbly tender, served in a fresh black pepper sauce


31 Slow Braised Beef In Diane sauce £6.95

Locally sourced beef cooked in traditional Diane source


32 Sautéed Lamb’s Liver DF £3.95

Tender lamb’s livers prepared in Rioja gravy


33 Crispy Chicken Goujons With Aioli £5.50

Crispy herb lamb fritters, served with creamed mash & aioli





34 Creamy Chicken Mushroom £5.95

Premium chicken breast cooked with mushroom & créme fraiche


35 Grande Reserva Chicken DF £5.95

A breast of chicken served with rioja gravy & grande reserva ham


36 Pan Fried Chicken Diane £5.95

Pan fried chicken breast finished with Diane sauce


37 Lebanese Chicken & Lamb Kofta DF GF £9.95

An authentically marinated chicken & lamb dish with potato tagine


38 Piri Piri Chicken DF GF £5.95

Chargrilled pieces of piri piri chicken, sauteed potatoes, peppers & olive oil


39 Mediterranean Chicken Sauté GF £5.95

With feta cheese, chilli, basil, onion & tomato


40 Chicken Chorizo & Cider £6.95

Chicken breast cooked in black pepper & brandy sauce


41 Chicken Rioja DF £5.95

Chicken breast cooked in rich Rioja gravy


42 Chicken & Prawns £7.95

Chicken breast cooked with king prawns & rose cream sauce





43 Feta Salad GF V £2.95

A crispy green salad with Spanish goat’s cheese


44 Rocket Salad DF GF V £2.45

Fresh rocket salad with a balsamic & extra virgin olive oil dressing


45 Grand Reserva Ham & Cheese Salad GF £3.95

Spanish ham, cheese & crispy greens


46 Mixed Leaf Salad DF GF V £2.95

Mixed leaf with olive oil & balsamic


47 Tomato & Red Onion Salad DF GF V £2.95

Salad of red onion & tomato


48 Green Cucumber & Tzatziki Salad GF V £2.50

Cucumber tossed with tzatziki





49 Seafood Paella DF GF £9.95

Made in the traditional method with the correct, imported, Arborio rice for that authentic taste


50 Vegetable Paella DF GF V £6.95

A dish that stands on its own for flavour, not just with the meat removed


51 Chicken & Chorizo Paella DF GF £7.95

Arborio rice cooked with chicken & chorizo


52 Chicken Paella DF GF £6.95

Arborio rice cooked with chicken


53 Chicken & Prawn Paella DF GF £6.95

Arborio rice cooked with chicken & king prawns





54 Lebanese Mixed Grill For 2 People DF GF £39.95

An authentic selection of deliciously marinated meats, perfectly char grilled & tasty sides




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